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Aldo Cini, the founder of Madesa, dedicated his life to the furniture sector. He worked for the expansion, development and recognition of the company. With a visionary mind, he created the guidelines that still run the family's business today.

The Aldo Cini Museum preserves the life memories of our founder, the history and tradition of the Cini family in the furniture market.

The Madesa Design Center applies knowledge and innovation in the manufacturing of furniture, enabling constant improvement, which is in Madesa's DNA.


Madesa carries more than 3 generations of craftsmanship, constantly reaffirming our commitment with high-quality furniture. Pedro Cini is the current CEO of the company.


Madesa has as principle the respect and care for the environment through the planting of native trees, the use of renewable energies, the reduction of gas emissions and adopting continuous recycling practices.

Passion, simplicity, collaboration, sustainability and trust make up the core values of Madesa. Our mission is to bring more life to people's daily lives.

Madesa combines the high technology of its industrial park with rigorous manufacturing processes. All within international sustainability standards and respect for the environment in an industrial park with the highest quality and productivity.